Companies Like IITC Continues To Prepare The Youth For Success In The Post COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the reliance of the business world on digitalization and technology. There’s a greater need to achieve digital literacy today than there was ever before. That’s why the leading technology companies such as IITC are continually striving to drive a cultural change and train the youth for success in the post-COVID-19 world. This deadly strain of novel coronavirus has divided the world we live in, and digitalization is the only way to reconnect and integrate the world of today and tomorrow. Necessity is the mother of invention and IITC is playing its role in reconnecting the world with apps such as Secured Phone during these times of adversities. Powered by IITC, Secured Phone is a mobile application with high-end security allowing users to make international calls and messages with ease and simplicity. This is one of many ways how aspiring technology companies like IITC is striving to eradicate the barriers to connectivity from the post COVID-19 world. IITC also offers innovative software development and computer training and education courses to groom and nurture the youth of today with skills needed to build a prosperous tomorrow. Interconnect Information Technology Company is a JAMB Accredited C.B.T Center offering the Nigerian youth with an opportunity to learn in an innovative learning environment. The founder of IITC and Stormstand Investment Limited, Abdullahi Musa vividly promotes the idea of helping the youth achieve digital literacy as it is pivotal for success in the business world of today relying heavily on digitalization and technology. With the right tools and digital skillset, there are endless career and employment opportunities for the youth to brighten up their future. In addition to this, IITC Magazine is a hub for all the latest technology news and updates and the company also owns IITCTV Entertainment – A subsidiary company providing the people with easy access to global entertainment. Leveraging different array of resources and channels, the objective of technology companies such as IITC remains the same and that is to reconnect the world divided. IITC is just another subsidiary of Stormstand Investment Limited – A multi-million dollar investment company operating at the core of six independent companies. These companies serve the public in the industries relating to Real Estate, Education, Technology, Insurance, Entertainment, and Culinary.

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