Stormstand Investment Cooperation Continues to Inspire Aspiring Startups Towards Excellence

Stormstand Investment cooperation is an investment company focusing on delivering top-notch Real Estate, Food, Education, Technology, Insurance, and Entertainment services. A multi-million-dollar investment company, the company strives to help individuals gain financial stability and achieve financial freedom. Stormstand Investment Cooperation serves entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies and is the brainchild of Abdullahi Musa –

A philanthropist, politician, and serial entrepreneur who shares a great passion for serving the community and bridging the gap between people and their lifelong ambitions. Abdullahi Musa is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida with a specialization in the fields of Finance and Integrated Business. He has been serving Stormstand Investment Cooperation as the CEO for the past five years and shares an incredible passion for delivering client-oriented investment services & solutions. Abdullahi Musa believes in adopting a holistic approach to investment and is a professional who aims to nurture & develop the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. Formulated in 2015, Stormstand Investment Cooperation is the core of five independent companies designed to serve the community in the facets of Real Estate, Education, Technology, Insurance, and Entertainment.

Stormstand Investment Cooperation: Real Estate and Commercial Development is a subsidiary of Stormstand Investment Cooperation focusing on delivering client-oriented real estate services. The company targets the ever-evolving needs of the community and offers construction management, home purchase and sale, and infrastructure design & development services. The founder Abdullahi Musa has had the luxury to collaborate and work with some of the leading investors in the area and also directly serves independent homeowners. Delaruse Botanical Garden, Gello College Innovation Center, and Olympiad Shopping Center are some of their leading projects in the United States

Stormstand Insurance is all about providing a better quality of life for the clients and their families. They provide Food Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Health Insurance Services tailored to support the community and the people in building a better future for themselves. Run under the dynamic leadership of Abdullahi Musa, Stormstand Insurance is based on the principles of community service and highly values the growing needs of the people.

Absolute College Education is another successful endeavor of Abdullahi Musa and focuses on delivering online learning opportunities and consultancy solutions to talented and smart leaders of tomorrow. It’s a hub for online tutoring, video tutorials, and university consultancy services and strives to assist students in securing a place in the best international universities and colleges.

Interconnect Information Technology Company IITC, is another subsidiary of Stormstand Investment Cooperation that focuses on leveraging the technological innovation of today to provide opportunities and high-end tech solutions. The company offers customized training and courses to help the masses to achieve digital literacy. Partnered with the Federal Governments for training and exams, with Jamb Accredited Center equipped with 500 Network Computers at the CBT Center. Digital Marketing is another essential part of IITC and strives to foster the professional skills required to build a successful business. IITCTV Entertainment and Magazine is a subsidiary of Interconnect Information Technology Company and provides easy access to global entertainment to the people. The company is presently producing their original entertainment series and movies

Cookery Cookery is a Drink, food, and spice company that makes a large family of products with seasonings and spices that are part of the cultural cuisine and heritage of the African traditions that include Jollof rice, Kunu aya, Kunu Pap, and Yaji spice. These products are in 500 and stores globally, Nigeria, Ghana, United States and continuously expanding every day to reach all the maximum consumers

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